Gen. Flynn and Globalism explained by 30-yr Intel Officer

Listen in as retired USAF Col. Jim Waurishuk shares thoughts about General Flynn’s status and the current pandemic. If anyone understands the situation, he does. Jim worked for the NSC under Flynn. As a former senior strategic and special mission intelligence and political-military affairs officer, Jim offers a birds-eye view into such timely topics as unmasking, as well as the dangers of globalism, the WHO, Bill Gates, the CDC, and China. You won't want to miss this one!. READ BLOG 5-10-2020 

Globalists Who Bungled the Pandemic Push to Control World

Curious how China, Bill Gates, the WHO, CDC, NIAID, Dr. Fauci, and others keep ending up in the same conversations? It’s no coincidence. If you ever wanted to connect those dots, but haven’t had the time…find out the answers here. PLUS, remember Dr. Bright who got transferred from his Directorship at BARDA recently? There’s a whole lot more to the story than you are being told. And, believe it or not, Bill Gates is wrapped up in that saga, too. READ BLOG 4-28-2020 

Was the COVID-19 Virus Engineered ?

It would certainly seem so given the evidence uncovered in this explosive breaking news brought to you by “The Deplorable Report”. Not just that, following the money might just mean going all the way to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s baby at the NIAID. Was our funding of the Wuhan Institute’s SARS bat research even legal? Was the virus man-made? Find out the answer here. READ BLOG 4-22-2020

Bill Gates has lots of 'splaining to do.

 During these difficult times, as we are all self-isolating at home, it's not a particularly popular thing to criticize a world philanthropist like Bill Gates. But, somebody's got to do it. The more I researched the world of vaccines offered by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, trying to determine whether to take an eventual COVID-19 vaccine, the angrier I became. And, so will you. The Gates Foundation has a lot of questionable behavior to answer for you need to know. READ BLOG 4-14-2020

Taiwan's Warnings Ignored By the WHO, Costs Lives Worldwide

WHO is the WHO? You may be surprised by some of the seedy characters advising the world on pandemic survival advice. Many of them are suspect at best. Join Cathi Chamberlain, aka "The Deplorable Author", as she hosts The Deplorable Report. Her book, Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism (available on Amazon) follows the news with a twist: thru the lens of a Saul  Alinsky's 13 tactics to transform our country to socialism & what we must do to fight back. READ BLOG 4-7-20

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